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Shipped and shaped along the Fundy shores of Nova Scotia , sea glass can be found littering the beaches in beauty and treasure. With each ebb and flow of the highest tides in the world bottles, china, and other bounties find themselves shattered along their seafaring journey. Some would say these pieces have stories to tell. Stories of history, of days gone by, of people and places far from this rocky coast. Michelle  captures this beauty, builds these stories and shapes them daily in her sea glass and cottage decor studio located in Centerville, NS. Ocean Zn Giftshop & Home décor  sells many sea glass and sea shell creations, beach inspired themed decor, as well as picked antique finds not far from the Fundy shores of the Annapolis valley. Along with this Michelle shares her love and passion for the beauty of these bounties with locals by offering sea glass pendant workshops and birthday parties for a reasonable price and a remarkable experience. Many girls have enjoyed this opportunity building memories to wear for years to come with friends and family memories right in Michelle's quant shop.
So how did Ocean Zn come to be? A dream turned reality for a mother of three. In September 2012 Michelle walked away from the financial securities of a deducted job in Continuing Care to live something on a daily basis that has always been a huge part of her heart. Growing up in Hants County , Michelle's family spent summers along the shores of Economy at a family cottage. Collecting sea glass for years and creating as a hobby Michelle started her business from home while raising her children and working full time. Selling her wares are craft fairs and via the Internet and word of mouth. As word spread and business got even busier Michelle knew she was on to something and hasn't looked back since. Like the sea glass shaped along this shore , Michelle's story too has been molded and shaped by the sea so close to her heart. She now has over 25 local vendors that sell their goods at Ocean Zn .. there is truly something for everyone.





Sea Glass Creations

Michelle Fahie -Davidson

My unique Ocean Gems are made from hand picked seaglass from beaches across Nova Scotia, then beautifully set with gold, silver, pink and black wire.

With thousands of pieces of seaglass that my family and I have picked over years and years of beach combing,  I can make one of a kind pendants for my clients.

 I do custom orders with your own special seaglass, Also hundreds of pendants already made to choose from, these are great for gifts from prom, beach weddings, teachers gifts, mother's day, christmas or a way to treat yourself~

 Attend a workshop for adults and children where I teach you how to make your own seaglass necklace pendant to take home, Or have me come to your child's bday parties for less then $10 per person for the lesson and pendant~ You can email me oceanznseaglassstudio@hotmail.com  if you are interested in having a seaglass jewelry workshop or childrens bday party !!! I have the kitchen attached to the shop so I am able to help cook and serve for the party or workshop! Bring your own food and I become the venue, entertainment, and party favor to take home that you get to make yourself~

 The new studio is  a great venue for birthday parties...ladies nights, bachelorette parties, team building..etc.  Also I have  cottage decor so you can get a true feeling of ZEN at home or at the cottage!

~ sea glass gifts

~ sea glass jewelry

~seaglass windows, frames, vases, candle holders, keychains etc..

~country cottage décor

~ canned  goods

~nautical décor

-homemade  body wash and room spray

~Natural Soaps ,bath salts, bath bombs, lip chap

~Quilts, pillows, throws


~Driftwood signs

~primitive décor

-Knitting and sewing


~ and much MORE!!!!

Book at seaglass jewelry workshop or a sea glass mosaic window class  today!!! Great for children's birthdays, ladies nights, work parties, group parties, mother's day,\\Christmas parties.. bachellorette parties, etc..







Sea glass is glass tossed into the Ocean . While there, the ocean waves and currents tumble it about, breaking it into smaller pieces and smoothing its edges. Sea glass washes up on nearly every beach in the world. Essentially, sea glass is litter made of glass, which is deposited into the ocean in some manner, whether by an individual on the beach who throws a soda bottle into the sea, or by a sinking ship, or some other source.

While there is no specific history of sea glass, sea glass itself is an archaeological piece of the history of human civilization. Rich cargoes of ceramic and glass lie on the ocean's bottom, the result of shipwrecks, piracy and foul weather. The sea has also served as a dumping ground for all manner of garbage, including ceramic and glass, since the beginning of time."

Types of Sea Glass

Sea glass can have origins ranging from discarded Victorian apothecary bottles, vials and perfume bottles, to the original Clorox bleach bottles (made of glass jugs). Discarded ceramic shards are also classified as sea glass, despite it not actually being made of glass




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